5 really good reasons to work with us.

Digital packshots: high end &
high volume

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Metashots save costs from day 1 to day 7,300.

The more packshots the less the cost.

Is it costly? Actually, it isn’t.


The cost per visual decreases by volume. The first master is a work of art and gets a lot of attention, and with every adaptation (regions, types, relaunches), metashots provide an unrivaled cost ratio, which may go down to as little as a couple of euros per delivered visual.

Even at lower volumes, most of our customers find the price-performance ratio superior.

And if that’s not enough, our clients report a 15% increase in sales after replacing their old packshots with metashots.


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High visual quality in massive volumes in a short period of time.

An awesome packshot does a great job selling your product. A lot of our clients used to spend several days in photo studios to get great results from a tabletop specialist. A sharper highlight here, a bit of shadow there and lots and lots of retouching. That works just fine if your portfolio consists of only a handful of products. But if your portfolio is huge, you may find photography and retouching cumbersome and the results often inconsistent in color and perspective.

Overall, you may experience a tedious and expensive process with a high level of involvement. If that is the case, we hope you will join other major FMCG companies that appreciate smooth and effortless service and packshots that actually improve conversion and sales.

We want all your packshots to be so visually appealing that your customers want to grab your products off the screen. And by all your packshots, we mean all your 100 to 500,000 shots a year.

So we started picking our brains and developed a solution for providing high quality visuals in very large numbers.

What we came up with is a unique and (we believe) unrivaled process that provides a one-to-many approach, allowing you to get the best of both worlds: high visual quality in massive volumes in a short period of time.

Our clients are just like you, major FMCG brands (food & beverages, beauty, pharma).

If you have to handle constant design relaunches, changing regulations, new regions or visuals for sell-in and testing, our services could be a perfect fit for you.


Don't you just love great looking packshots?

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Metashots are the result of combining high-end CGI images and highly automated processes with a current capacity of over a 1000 images a day.

Metashots are essentially 3D CGI models with light and texture that look like the original product – only better. The results are consistent and easy to control. Late changes applied to complete ranges become effortless, post production is usually not necessary.

Your packs are „shot“ in our virtual photo studios. Studios that never close and never become disarranged once they are set-up. These studios are created manually but run fully automated. They work day and night at a high pace. The end result is a great looking metashot.

Metashots are delivered to you as well known and common file formats. They come as  .jpeg, .tiff, .png and many more to meet your needs. All files are neatly named and metatagged. All you need to do is deliver them to your e-retailers, agencies and local marketing departments.

We have come up with this solution to provide better conversion rates and higher sales while reducing costs and your involvement in the creation process.

For our clients, this is usually an almost effortless process.

Metashots are 3D CGI models with light and texture that can be delivered in large numbers.

A massive amount of beauty.


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Master files for Metashots last for 7-15 years, they only reach the end of their life cycle, when the actual packaging geometry becomes updated.

What about future needs? What if your e-retailers require high-res images, 360 turntables, VR or AR files?

Metashots are already delivering what will be required in the future. Our file-base is 100% compatible with the existing standards. No need to worry, just give us a call and we will deliver. AR, VR, 360s or whatever the future throws at your marketing department.


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Future needs are taken into account today.

Metashots last longer than photography.


That’s rather simple. If your portfolio has potential for quality/cost/sales improvement, just drop us a line and we will get in touch with you. We usually reply within the hour, depending on the timezone you’re in. Our head office is in Hamburg, Germany.

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Beyond Packshots.

When it comes to e- and m-commerce, most of our clients request additional „sales shots“ to accompany the packshots and increase the impact on the sales process.

Here is an example: When you think of Amazon, a regular product page contains up to five images. The images should usually be the following: 1. front, 2. back of the product, 3. the product in use, 4. and 5. visuals highlighting the benefits and features.


This set of five great visuals sells better than just the packshot, so we provide these sales visuals as well, utilizing the same processes we developed for the packshots.

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Sales visuals do increase sales.

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